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Marine Offshore Management completed its latest project where SPS was used to protect the hull of the Pompei, a side stone dumping vessel owned by Jan de Nul Group. As the vessel will operate in shallow waters, the vulnerable bilge area needed to be protected with SPS's hull protection system against the large, sharp and potentially damaging boulders on the seabed. The work was undertaken in Yalova, Turkey by SPS licensee MOM and the local shipyard. 131m² of the hull was reinforced using SPS and took just 14 days to complete.


Pieter Vanhulsel, Project Engineer at Jan de Nul Group, comments "MOM leaves no room for error during execution of SPS injection. All details are deliberated in concert with JDN before transporting the materials. The professional and co-operative approach in execution has left JDN with a satisfied feeling to start our next project."