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Marine Offshore Management is one of only a limited number of companies across the globe who are licensed to carry out SPS works.

Sandwich Plate System (SPS) is a permanent, Class approved solution on your maritime and offshore assets. It can be used for both structural and steel repairs and new builds alike, providing you with a cost-effective alternative to more traditional offerings.

SPS sketch

ACCESSIBLE: With our global network, SPS can be installed using both hot (welded) and cold (bolted) work methods. Repairs can also be completed in restricted or limited access areas, making SPS an attractive option for even the most sensitive of maritime and offshore projects.


PROVEN: SPS has an extensive and proven history of repairs over the last 21 years, across the international maritime sector, covering a wide range of vessels.


COST-EFFECTIVE: By incorporating the existing worn plating, SPS repairs save on steel costs compared with other traditional steel repair methods. The repair itself can be up to four times faster, thus reducing off-hire costs. Furthermore, repairs can be carried out while vessels are in service, eliminating dry dock costs.


ADDED VALUE: The nature of SPS structural composite brings with it many added benefits to your works. It has natural impact absorption, lending itself to citadel hardening and allowing it to provide dropped object and impact protection. In addition, it is blast, ballistics and fire resistant.


APPROVED: SPS is approved by all major Classification Societies, including ABS, Lloyd's Register, DNV and Bureau Veritas.